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I’m Brian Abuga.

TechAvator is my personal blog.

I love tech, gaming, tinkering with different gadgets, and writing guides to help my readers understand how different software and devices work.

Techavator has been in existence since 2020 and is still growing steadily. The main monetization strategy on this blog has been network display advertising for a while.

Online privacy is increasingly becoming a concern as big tech companies and mainstream media continue to stamp their influence on thought and maximize their profits.

For this reason, I’m working on a plan to disable network advertising on this blog for the sake of my readers in the near future.

If you believe in online privacy and internet freedom—I need your support to make it possible on this blog for the following reasons:

  • To pay monthly hosting fees.
  • To pay for server upgrades as the number of readers keeps on growing.
  • To pay writers to keep quality content flowing on the blog.
  • Buying hardware and software that may be needed to run this blog.

You can support my work by becoming a sponsor in one of the following ways:

  • Sending a one-time or recurring donation via PayPal.
  • Buying me a coffee.
  • Tipping this blog on Brave browser.
  • Sharing this blog with friends and family.

You may notice a few affiliate links here and there but they’re for stuff I’ve used and would like to recommend to you. These links are also part of supplementing income without compromising your privacy. Please read my full affiliate disclosure.

I may work directly with companies and brands for advertising. Direct advertising won’t compromise reader privacy because I’ll be in total control of the advertisements. But until I find an advertiser, your support will be invaluable for this blog.

You can also find some more of my work at BrianAbuga.Com and MakeUseOf.Com.

For sponsorship, direct advertising, or partnership, drop me a note at [email protected] or [email protected].