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Earphones not working on WhatsApp video call

Earphones not working on WhatsApp

Earphones or headphones come in handy when making video calls. These gadgets make call quality better since they come with in-built mics.

However, sometimes earphones, whether wired or wireless may fail you during a WhatsApp video call or normal call.

The earphones not working on WhatsApp video call issue can be caused by a variety of issues like buggy software or hardware problems. Here are several steps you can take to solve either of the two types of problems.

Unplug and unplug your wired earphones

Take this as the first step if you notice sound coming from your loudspeaker instead of the earphones. You can do this quickly and if sound starts coming from the earphone – you should be good to go.

In case you are using Bluetooth earphones or headphones, try unpairing the device and then turn off the Bluetooth.

Turn the Bluetooth on and pair the two devices again. If the problem persists after taking any of these measures, proceed to the next step.

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Turn up the volume

Make sure you turn up the volume on your device to the maximum. If nothing changes, turn up the volume on your earphones if they have separate volume control buttons.

For wireless headsets, check whether volume sync is on in your phone’s Bluetooth audio settings. If nothing changes, proceed to the third step.

Check whether your friend has muted their mic

In some instances, people may accidentally hit the mute button during a call. Ask the person on the other side of the call to check whether their mic is still on.

If they notice that the mute button is on, they’ll definitely tap on it and the audio should resume as usual. Again, if we check this off as not a potential issue on our list, we can move on to the next solution.

Test your earphones

Broken earphones are another potential issue that will hamper your WhatsApp video calling experience. Test them on any near device either by making a call or listening to music.

If they work, the problem is on the device you’re using to place your WhatsApp video call.

Check for dirt or water on the headphone jack on your phone. These elements can tamper with your earphone’s connection to your phone.

Restart your phone and tweak WhatsApp

Bugs can cause unexpected behavior on all areas of your phone. Most can be resolved by simply restarting your phone.

Also, clearing the WhatsApp cache can help in removing any bugs that may be responsible for the problem.

You can go even further by uninstalling and reinstalling WhatsApp. However, in many cases, you’d have figured out the source of the problem before getting to this stage. Be sure to back up your chats before taking this action.

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More on resolving the earphones not working on WhatsApp video call issue

  • Initiating a software update process if one is available for your phone (both iPhone and Android).
  • Trying out a different pair of earphones or headphones if available.
  • Switching to audio calling so that you can utilize the phone’s earpiece
  • Reverting to using the loudspeaker if the problem is not solved.


Earphones failing to work while on a WhatsApp or any other form of video call can be a huge inconvenience. In this regard, I hope this post helped you troubleshoot the problem.

If it did, let me know in the comments section. Also, if you have more tips on the issue that I haven’t covered, leave a comment. Happy video calling!

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