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How to improve internet speed at home or workplace

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Speed is the most crucial aspect when it comes to rating the quality of any internet connection. Moderate to heavy users must have the fastest speed possible to be able to meet their needs.

The faster your internet speed, the faster you’ll be able to download files, upload files, send documents, and stream online content.

Considering these aspects, you’ll need to have your internet or home WiFi at its fastest speed possible to meet your daily internet needs.

There’re a few tweaks you can make to improve your internet speed. Here are some of them.

Relocate your router closer to your PC

Your WiFi signal at home or at work will become weaker the further away you move from the router. The weaker your signal becomes, the slower your internet speed will be.

If you work with a PC from a fixed position, you can try to move the router as close as possible to your desk as you can.

Tablet or mobile device users can easily move closer to the router if there’s room to move. However, if you choose to move your router, make sure it has enough breathing space to prevent overheating.

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Minimize the number of obstacles in your room

To make your WiFi signal even faster, ensure there’s a clear path with minimal obstacles between your router and devices.

Barriers such as walls and any other room partitions will block a significant amount of internet waves resulting in weak signals.

Utilize the Ethernet option

PC users can leverage the advantages of using a wired internet connection over WiFi. Wired connections have no barriers and can never be interrupted as long as your PC is tethered to your router with a physical cable.

Unfortunately, mobile devices and tablets cannot take advantage of this feature. But that shouldn’t be an issue in a workplace environment where PCs are the main workstations.

Most routers come with at least 3 Ethernet ports to allow the connection of multiple computers. Modern Mac users may need to have a USB-C to Ethernet adapter to be able to connect directly to a router.

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Use a WiFi range extender

A WiFi range extender is a nifty small gadget that receives the WiFi signal from your router and then amplifies it for wider coverage.

With this kind of boost, your WiFi signal will reach places it never reached before and give it a little boost in regards to speed.

WiFi extenders can add to your budget especially if you buy several but they should be worthwhile investments especially in office spaces.

Alternatively, you can search for YouTube tutorials on how to make a DIY aluminum WiFi range extender.

Before you decide to invest in a WiFi range extender, there’re a couple of things you’ll need to take into consideration; the size of the area you want to use, how many extenders you may need, and compatibility with the type of router you own.

Change your router

Over time, modern devices become outdated or underperform in their tasks. For this reason, if you have a router that you think is too old, replacing it with a new one would be a good idea.

Older routers may throttle internet speeds even if you’re on an expensive plan.

A modern and up-to-date replacement will result in significantly wider coverage and signal strength. These factors will in turn result in better internet speeds.

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Keep your connection secure

Have a secure password in place at all times for your WiFi connection to prevent unauthorized access or hacking.

The more users you have on your connection, the slower your internet speed is going to become. Unauthorized users will take a chunk of your bandwidth and adversely impact internet speed.

As an additional security layer, you can dive into your router’s settings and limit the number of devices that can be connected at any point in time.

For instance, if you have 5 devices in your office or home, set the maximum number of allowed devices to 5 in your router’s settings.

Update your router regularly

Every time your router requests an update, do it as soon as possible. Most manufacturers send out software updates to further enhance the performance of routers.

As a result, newer software versions in these devices will result in the elimination of bugs and improve their functionality.

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The bottom-line

The tweaks mentioned above are just a few of many other adjustments you can make to increase your internet speeds. They are simple and don’t require any technical skills to pull off.

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For suggestions on any other strategies to employ in improving internet connection – leave them in the comment section below.

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