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How to share large files on Android without downloading any app

Share Files WiFi Direct

You may remember years back how transferring files across mobile devices was cumbersome. You had to align the phones face to face or use a PC as an intermediary.

However, transferring large files today is much easier. Android users can share large files using cloud services, Wi-Fi direct, and others, without the inconvenience of downloading third-party apps.

Here is how you can do it.

How to share large files Android using Google Drive

If you have an Android phone and want to share a large file, you can use Google Drive. Google Drive allows you to share large files with many people over a long period.

It gives all Android users a free space of 15GB and more storage at an affordable price. You don’t need to download any app, although the process includes some steps that you need to follow after opening the Google Drive app.

You need to find the file first and send it to drive through the share menu. Note where you have sent it.

Allow the file to upload in the background as you open Google Drive.

Tap the Share Link option to allow you to generate and share the link. You can use any messaging application to share the link.

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If you want to cancel the process of sharing at any moment, you only need to go back to the information panel and click the header that says Who has access either delete it or turn off the option for link sharing.

Remember this option will require the recipient to also have an internet connection in order to download the shared file. Not ideal for people on a limited internet plan.

How to send large files using Wi-Fi Direct

Wi-Fi Direct allows you to transfer large files quickly between two Android phones within a few minutes or even seconds depending on the size.

You can exchange files over Wi-Fi even without any access point/router nearby.

You need to create a hotspot with one device and connect the other one to it. Don’t worry, Wi-Fi Direct will automatically do this for you. Just follow the given instructions when sharing a file(s).

Launch file manager on the device with the file you want to share. Select the files you want to send and click on share.

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Select Wi-Fi Direct as the preferred sharing method. Modern Android devices come with Wi-Fi Direct as an inbuilt application.

Turn on Wi-FI on the receiving device and connect to the hotspot created by the sender. Once a connection is made, the transfer process will begin. The transfer can have a speed range between 2-4 Mbps.

How do I send large videos using Google Photos?

You can share a large video through cloud devices or a link. This method, just like using Google Drive is another easy way of sharing large files with someone with an unlimited internet connection.

You need to launch the Google Photos app and click on the video you need to send.

Wait for the toolbar to appear on the screen. Click the share icon and tap Create a link.

Paste the link and share it through any messaging services with the recipient. Once they receive the link, they can download the linked file on their devices.

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From the above solutions, using Wi-Fi Direct is the most reliable way to share large files like movies. It doesn’t require an internet connection and takes a few minutes to transfer gigabytes worth of data.

Be sure to take advantage of Wi-Fi Direct whenever you need to share large files. This feature comes pre-installed on any Android device you can think of.

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