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How to solve PUBG Mobile lag issues

For any PUBG Mobile fan, nothing can be as frustrating as lagging while in the middle of a fight. You’ll surely die.

The game might lag because of a number of reasons: device specifications, overheating, network or ping issues, and in-game graphics settings.

In the case of device specifications, there’s nothing much you can do. PUBG Mobile requires at least 3GB of RAM to run smoothly for Android and 2GB on iOS.

You should consider trying out PUBG Mobile Lite if your device has lower specs.

Prevent your phone from overheating

Pubg mobile, overheating

Overheating will cause the game to lag. To prevent overheating you can take simple measures like closing all background apps and taking off your phone’s cover.

You can also turn down the screen brightness to 50 percent or less unless you really need it at high levels.

The higher the brightness the higher the rate of battery consumption, which in turn leads to higher temperatures.

Click here for an in-depth explanation of more measures you can take to prevent your phone from overheating.

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How to fix ping issues in PUBG Mobile

Regardless of the specifications of your phone, high ping can be a problem while playing PUBG Mobile.

High ping is the most common cause of lagging or freezing in the middle of gameplay.

You can try the following solutions to reduce ping and make the game smoother:

  • Using your region’s server – For example, if you’re in the United States, the server with the lowest ping for your will be North America. Always play on the server that corresponds with your region. Some regions like mine (Africa) don’t have a dedicated server. In this case, the best server with the lowest ping for African players is the Europe server. 
  • Turning of auto-sync – The auto-syncing feature on phones takes up a bit of RAM and network bandwidth in the background. You can temporarily turn off this feature while playing PUBG Mobile to get a small boost in performance and minimize ping.
  • Use the repair option on the game’s interface – You will find the repair button on the when you launch the game before it loads into the main menu. Once you click it, the game will try to solve network issues and any other existing problems automatically.
  • Use a stable internet connection – This is totally dependent on your internet service provider. Subscribe to the most stable network in your area for the best online gaming experience if you intend to use mobile data. The same principle applies for WiFi connection. The latter also fluctuates depending on the number of people connected on the network at the same time. More users will translate to higher ping.

Changing PUBG Mobile graphics settings

Pubg mobile, graphics settings

Depending on your device specifications, you can increase or reduce different graphics settings.

For the flagship phones such as iPhone 11 and Samsung S20, you can turn up the settings to the highest level possible.

On these devices, you can comfortably play on the highest frame rate (Extreme) with shadows on and anti-aliasing turned on.

However, for mid-lower end devices, you should play around with the lower settings until you find the sweet spot. I’d recommend using the Smooth graphics settings in this case. 

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In the rare event that all these measures don’t work for you try clearing some apps that you don’t use including PUBG Mobile.

Reinstall the game and check whether it still lags. If the problem persists, you may need to part with several hundred bucks for a newer and high-speced device.

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If you have any suggestions or comments, feel free to leave them in the comments section below. Share and keep coming back for more if you found this guide useful. Cheers!

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