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All Injustice 2 Mobile artifacts explained

Artifacts are a special type of gear that you can use to upgrade any hero in Injustice 2 Mobile by adding them to the 6th gear slot. These items boost a hero’s stats and can grant unique passive bonuses to specific heroes.

Artifacts are not easy to come by but if you’re lucky, you can get them through league raids and solo raids (guaranteed in the latter).

Once you get an artifact, you can upgrade it up to the maximum level (level 10) using artifact fragments that you also get from raid drops.

Here is a quick breakdown of all the available artifacts in the Injustice 2 Mobile game.

PS: The stats described below are for maxed-out artifacts (level 10).

Class Artifacts

Armulet of Arcane

Amulet of Arcane
  • Increases Special Attack Damage.
  • Arcane characters gain an increased attack percentage against Arcane opponents.

Armulet of Agility

Amulet of Agility
  • Increased Damage-over-Time damage percentage.
  • Agility characters gain an increased attack percentage against Metahuman opponents.

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Armulet of Metahuman

Amulet of Metahuman
  • Increased healing effects on self and teammates.
  • Metahuman heroes gain an increased attack percentage against Tech characters.

Armulet of Might

Amulet of Might
  • Increased percentage of damage while using basic, tag-in and swipe attacks.
  • Might heroes gain an increased attack percentage against Agility heroes.

Armulet of Tech

Amulet of Tech
  • Gaining a percentage of health.
  • Tech characters gain an increased attack percentage against Might opponents.

Special Artifacts


  • Equipped heroes gains attack percentage for a moment on tag-in while inflicting damage on self costing 20 percent in health damage.
  • Red Hood gains Lethal Chance percentage with a reduced Supermove cost.

Claw of Horus

Claw of Horus
  • Heroes’ attack stats bumped up by a percentage.
  • Increased chance for heroes to stun with swipe and jump attacks.

Cosmic Staff

Cosmic Staff
  • Heroes develop a shield that reduces damage when hit with an attack that costs them more than 10 percent of their maximum health.
  • Shield reflects some damage inflicted by special attacks from opponents.

Kryptonian Regeneration Matrix

Kryptonian Regeneration Matrix
  • Hero revives when knocked out with a some health once per fight.
  • When revived Superman will gain attack percentage.

Nth Metal Armor

Nth Metal Armor
  • Hero gains additional health.
  • Hero gains attack percentage for each percentage of missing health.
  • Legendary heroes deal a percentage of damage inflicted on opponents to the latter’s teammates.

Apokolips Artifacts

Father Box

Father Box
  • Hero gains 51 percent of maximum health over a period of six seconds when health goes below 30 percent.
  • Substitutes rush attacks with teleporting strikes dealing 200 percent of rush attack damage.
  • 32000 attack bonus and 100000 health bonus in Dawn of Apokolips Solo Raid event.

Heart of Darkness

Heart of Darkness
  • When hit with a critical attack, a hero regenerates power by an additional 150 percent for a period of five seconds.
  • Grants 100 percent additional health.
  • Hero steals 100 percent of the opponent’s healing effects.
  • 32000 attack bonus and 100000 health bonus in Dawn of Apokolips Solo Raid event.

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Electro Axe

Electro axe
  • Hero has an additional 100 percent chance of stealing the opponent’s combo meter upon landing swipe attacks.
  • Character is able to deal 250 percent damage when fighting Summons and Minions.
  • Hero gains 4.5 powers after being knocked out by opponent.
  • Hero gains additional 33 percent health after being knocked out by opponents.
  • 32000 attack bonus and 100000 health bonus in Dawn of Apokolips Solo Raid event.

Entropy Aegis

Entropy Aegis
  • Incoming damage at any point cannot deal over 8.7 percent of a hero’s maximum health. This effect also works against Boss Darkseid’s supermove.
  • Decreases Hazard and Hazard damage of time incoming damage by 95 percent.
  • Decreases Hazard secondary effects by 100 percent.
  • 32000 attack bonus and 100000 health bonus in Dawn of Apokolips Solo Raid event.


  • Hero has 100 percent chance of destroying an opponent’s shield or barrier from a ranged attack.
  • Character’s ranged attack deals additional 200 percent damage on opponents.
  • Swipe attacks that land on opponents take out 75 percent of their defense for five seconds.
  • 20000 attack bonus and 64000 health bonus in Dawn of Apokolips Solo Raid event.

Mega Rod

Mega rod
  • When a character blocks an opponents special ability – they gain 155 percent special attack damage for five seconds.
  • Characters gain 100 percent chance to ignore opponent’s Power Drain or Power Steal. Upon ignoring these abilities, 80 percent of that power goes to teammates’ reserves and drains the opponent’s an equal amount of power.
  • 12000 attack bonus and 40000 health bonus in Dawn of Apokolips Solo Raid event.


The above are most if not all of the Injustice 2 Mobile artifacts available at the moment of writing.

More will be added to this list as the game developers release more in future upgrades to the game.

Be sure to check back for the updated list to stay informed on the effects of any new artifacts.

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If I may have missed any artifacts, please let me know in the comments section and I’ll be sure to add them as soon as I can find detailed information on them.

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