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How to set default USB connection to file transfer mode

Here’s how to set default USB connection on your Android device to File transfer mode. This setting ia found in the Developer options menu. If you’d like to have any other setting as the default connection mode, the process is identical to the one explained in the blog post.

How to solve PUBG Mobile lag issues

PUBG Mobile might lag because of a number of reasons: device specifications, overheating, network or ping issues, and in-game graphics settings. However, you can avoid this problem by tweaking your device and settings accordingly to handle the game as smoothly as possible. Read on for a detailed explanation.

pubg mobile

The ultimate PUBG Mobile cheat sheet

So, you’ve been playing PUBG Mobile for some time now but your game-play still isn’t as good as you’d want it to be. Maybe you are good and want to get better or are new to the game and would like to improve your game-play within the shortest time possible.

Can my phone get a virus?

Can your phone get a virus? Not as easily you may think but it’s still possible. Here’s what you should know about phone viruses and how to go about keeping your phone secure from viruses and malware attacks.