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Just how good is Brave Browser?

Brave Browser Tech Avator

More and more people are paying attention to the fact that online privacy is becoming more of a luxury these days.

If you’re one of these people, then you’ve probably heard of or even used Brave browser. I’m also in this category of people.

When Brave browser eventually moved out of the beta phase – it came as a beacon of light of hope for hundreds of thousands of internet users who are concerned about the amount of control Big Tech has over our lives.

Why would I use a strong phrase like beacon light of hope? Because Brave browser promises to offer one thing that none of the mainstream browsers are willing to offer and will never offer in the foreseeable future – privacy.

How Brave browser Works

At a glance, Brave is almost identical to Google Chrome – this is mostly because it also runs on the Chromium engine.

The installation process is simple – visit and click on the Download Brave button and follow the given instructions.

Below is the default Brave homepage that you should get after installation:

Brave Browser Homepage

What sets Brave aside from the rest is its dedicated focus on user privacy. It natively blocks cross-site trackers as well as ads – display ads, text ads, and video ads.

I usually enjoy both Spotify and YouTube 100 percent ad-free without paying a cent on Brave browser!

You will never need to install any kind of adblocker on the browser.

For even more privacy protection, Brave also has its proprietary search engine that doesn’t collect any information in relation to your search activity – Brave Search.

Brave Search is still in development at the moment but a beta version is available and comes enabled by default.

The search engine isn’t as effective as Google Search but it’s a sacrifice that has to be made for private browsing to make sense – but if it doesn’t work for you – there’s an option to change your default search engine in the settings menu.

I’ve been using the Brave browser on my phone and PC for the past five months and my browsing experience has been so much better than when I was stuck with Chrome, Firefox, and Samsung Internet.

The browser will allow you to sync between your phone and PC but not as seamlessly as with Chrome. However, this feature still works quite well and will get better with each update.

Over this period, I’ve noticed a significant drop in the amount of mobile data I use since ditching Chrome and the others. I use a mobile data plan on both phone and PC since I don’t have a WiFi connection.

This drop in data consumption can be attributed to the absence of ads when using Brave.

Brave browser performance vs other browsers

I haven’t really done any extensive experiments on how well Brave performs compared to other browsers – but there’s a noticeable difference in how it loads up and how the processor behaves when you compare it to the Chrome browser.

I rarely hear my PC’s fan heaving as frequently with Brave as when I was using Chrome/Firefox. You see, I have an old PC that’s a bit slow. If you’re in the same position, I’d recommend choosing Brave over Chrome and Firefox.

I’ll run some personal tests later with actual figures that you can use to compare Brave to other browsers – but in the meantime, you can check out this test by MakeUseOf for a little bit of perspective.

Brave vs Mozilla Firefox
Image from

Brave browser for content creators

If you’re a content creator (blogging or YouTube) you may wonder how the people behind Brave expect you to earn something if the browser blocks all kinds of ads.

There’s a way to keep on earning from your content in the absence of traditional ads on the Brave browser – a program called Brave Rewards for creators.

Once you sign up for the program through the link above – you can collect or start collecting tips from your readers or viewers.

Brave Rewards
Brave Rewards program for users

Brave users usually have the option to tip the websites or social media pages that they visit using a type of crypto known as BAT (Basic Attention Token).

All Brave users earn BAT by opting into Brave ads in the settings menu which aren’t traditional ads but notification ads that don’t really disrupt them. Users are basically paid for their attention to ads.

In my opinion, this is the advertising model for the future – looking forward to seeing how it works out over the next few years.

Users accumulate these tokens on their devices and can tip their favorite creators with the click of a button. Alternatively, both users and creators can easily turn BAT into real cash by using crypto wallets linked to their Brave browser wallets.

The tipping button can be seen on social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter, and Reddit. On websites, you’ll find it on the top right of the URL bar on both mobile and PC.

Brave tips on mobile
Brave Tips on Mobile

If you’re on Brave right now and like this post, I wouldn’t complain if you tip me. 🙃

Brave Browser extensions

One of the things that make it hard for people to ditch Chrome is the availability of extensions for virtually anything you can think of.

With Brave browser, you’ll still have access to all the extensions on the Chrome Web Store. For this reason, switching over shouldn’t make you miss any of your favorite extensions you use on Chrome.

I don’t know much about the extension experience on other browsers but I used Firefox for quite a while before settling on Brave and I had to forget about many extensions that I was using before on Chrome.

Is Brave browser good?

Yes. Brave Browser is good. My experience over the past few months has been really great. I have some semblance of peace, unlike Chrome which seems to be tracking all your online activities.

If you’re part of the de-googling movement, Brave browser is the perfect browser for you right now.

More Brave browser privacy settings

Brave browser is usually good to go straight out of the box but it has more useful features that you should take advantage of by going to the settings menu.

Brave browser settings
Brave browser settings

Be sure to go to the settings menu on both mobile and PC and explore the extra features that you’ll be presented with. If one sounds appealing to you – try it out.

Nevertheless, the browser works quite well in regards to privacy with the default settings that come with it.

Wrapping it up

My understanding of the internet is that 100 percent privacy is impossible to achieve but I’d welcome any small thing that increases whatever percentage we are at.

Brave browser has made huge strides in this direction. My only hope is that the people behind the browser keep their word and don’t turn on us to maximize their profits.

If you found my piece insightful feel free to download Brave, try it out, and let me know your thoughts in the comments section.

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